Five Pillars :

  Curriculum as Eduware

Curriculum is an educational ware/tool by which we get our vision and mission fulfilled. That is why we coined the term Eduware for this. Being GBI as a learning organization we are intensively engaged in developing school curriculum as per different national and international curriculums on the basis of Theory of Creative Integration (TCI) and Integrated Education System (IES) to create integrated life-skills to face 21st century challenges. We integrate creatively all the new and upcoming learning theories and concepts to update our curriculum on regular basis. Our curriculum is designed for ‘more than schooling’. Our integrated curriculum includes following :

 (i)   Curriculum for physical life skills
 (ii)  Curriculum for cognitive life skills
 (iii) Curriculum for social life skills
 (iv) Curriculum for emotional life skills
 (v)  Curriculum for language life skills
 (vi) Curriculum for spiritual life skills

  Student as explorer

A child is very nascent and spontaneous creation without any prejudices and conditioning. A child is born out of oneness. A child is born with full of potentialities, skills, joy and happiness. What is necessary to know what I am? and to recognize it what am I today and what am I now? All the students can grow to their maximum potentialities if we assist and facilitate them to discover, to invent and to explorer. GBI nurtures its kids with full of love and care. We respect the uniqueness of a child and let every student a real explorer of self-awakening, self-realization and self-actualization of his/her potentialities.

  Teacher as Facilitator

The teacher can become the instrument and medium for the birth of a new world, a new life and a new human being. Teacher is responsible and accountable for the fate of a generation of a nation. Role of a teacher cannot be defined easily. Teacher must be a motivator, an observer, a cultivator, a catalyst and a facilitator at the most to make students awaken, realize and actualize their potentialities . The duty of a teacher must be with highest level of integrity, honesty, and justice in the world. The truth is not grasped when taught by an inferior man/woman. Teacher must be an integrated human being. He/she is to possess highest educational ,moral and value added qualifications.

  Parent as Partner

Parent is fourth pillar of education system after student and teacher. Parent is not an inert viewer but an active partner in schooling. Parent as a partner makes a bridge between home and school. Child passes almost double time at home with parents than in school. The environment at the home is more detrimental for child learning. We want to develop GBI as home at school and child’s home as school at home . For this we provide parental tips, we treat parent as an educator, we engage them creatively in parent school association with their valuable suggestions at various level.

  GBI as Organizer

It is the GBI which organizes all the affairs and factors to give best positive outcomes in the form of Integrated Education System (IES) on the basis of Theory of Creative Integration (TCI). This organization is managed and advised by highly qualified, inspired, motivated and accountable people collectively.GBI is a learning organization at every level. The management, the advisors, the parents, the teachers, the students and staffs are integrated creatively in learning and professional development.