Life Challenges :

In our present 21st century every school is running after skill development in children but this development is not balanced. None of the students has balanced and complete personality. A student is good in academics, but is very poor in social behavior. A student is excellent in health and fitness but is not good in emotional affairs. Today’s individual’s personality is full of dichotomy, conflicts and confusions almost like a personality disorder. Such individuals generated by present education system are not able to face eternal challenges of life. We at GBI, integrate creatively all the above six skills in light of universal human values by following Theory of Creative Integration(TCI) and Integrated Education System(IES) that an integrated life-skills are developed in child’s personality and that too sustains in whole life.

Because of imbalanced and poorly coordinated development of life-skills in student from very childhood most of individuals in any society in the world is full of dichotomy, conflicts and confusions. In 21st century the whole world is facing challenges without any sustainable solutions only due to these personality conflicts. It seems that we are living in the age of conflicts .At each level there is indecisiveness due to these conflicts. Our Integrated System of Education (IES) based on Theory of Creative Integration (TCI) vanishes almost all the dichotomies, conflicts and confusions at any level of personality. We, at GBI train our children very intelligently to deal fairly with following life-challenges arising after such conflicts .....

       1. Conflicts between growth and development
       2. Conflicts between success and significance
       3. Conflicts between desire and satisfaction
       4. Conflicts between technology and tradition
       5. Conflicts between science and art
       6 . Conflicts between intelligence and emotion
       7. Conflicts between subjectivity and objectivity
       8. Conflicts between freedom and restriction
       9. Conflicts between right and duty
        10. Conflicts between ideals and reality
       11. Conflicts between profit and value
       12. Conflicts between theory and practical
       13. Conflicts between career and knowledge
       14. Conflicts between competence and competition
       15. Conflicts between man and nature
       16. Conflicts between materialism and spiritualism
       17. Conflicts between eastern and western
       18. Conflicts between need and greed
       19. Conflicts between profession and relation
       20. Conflicts between compulsion and choice
       21. Conflicts between ambition and actuality
       22. Conflicts between income and peace of mind
       23. Conflicts between medicine and health
       24. Conflicts between introvert and extrovert
       25. Conflicts between past and present
       26. Conflicts between unity and diversity
       27. Conflicts between degrees and common sense
       28. Conflicts between discretion and justice
       29. Conflicts between local and global