More than Parenting

Child primarily learns the Languages at home and the Grammar at school. Parents are not an inert viewers but an active partner in schooling. Parents as partner make a bridge between home and school. Child passes almost double time at home with parents than in the school.

The environment at the home is more detrimental for child learning. We engage parents creatively in parents school association with their valuable suggestions at various level.

Parent's Orientation Program (POP)

Time to time we conduct Parents Orientation Program to discuss general issues regarding parenting. For this we provide tips.

Parents Teacher Meeting (PTM)

To build close and warm relationship between parents and teachers we conduct PTM regularly to see parents how their child is blooming beautifully and to discuss issues raised by them.

Parents Participation Program (PPP)

We treat parent as an educator, for this parents are invited to share their knowledge and skills with children in real class room’s situation.