Why GBI :

The prevailing education system in our country is very dysfunctional, isolated and poorly coordinated. The aim and objective of such education have short sightedness. It promises to produce ‘leaders of future’, ‘global citizens’, ‘career oriented student’…it never talks about how to create a ’human being’ which is the sole aim of an education. This system teaches ‘success’ but never illustrates its ‘significance’ ,it distributes only ‘degrees’ but never inculcates ‘common sense’ ,it helps to get brilliant ‘careers’ but never endeavours for ‘wisdom’ ,it enhances ‘knowledge’ but never connects it to ‘emotion’ , it invents great ‘logics’ but forgets ‘values’…etc. That is to say that such system has only produced dichotomy, conflicts and confusions. In such backdrop we the people of Global Foundation have conceptualized an authentic learning centre which will be .....more than schooling , in every aspect to deal with life challenges arising due to dichotomy, conflicts and confusions.

  Gyan Bhumi :

The word ‘gyanbhumi’ means ‘land of knowledge’ in other words it is a land where knowledge is cultivated, where wisdom is grown,where skills are nurtured .we, the people of Global Foundation not only integrate creatively all the essential nutrients for sowing the seeds of knowledge, wisdom and skills in this land but also ensure their sustainable production. At GBI we strive for creating conducive and collaborative, inspirational and motivational atmosphere, environment and situation that will produce an ‘Integrated Human Being’.

Internationalism : We are truly international in our ultimate purpose, in our perspective and in our policies. Our ultimate purpose is “Basudhaiva Kutumbakama” an integrated world without boundaries. We believe in the concept ‘think globally live locally’. We admire global cultural diversity and respect their uniqueness. We develop awareness and sensitivity with global conflicts and issues and understand their geo political and social impacts. We follow an integrated curriculum of international standards. With due respect and importance of mother tongue in childhood learning we take another international language in our curriculum in addition to English language-the most popular lingua- franca in the world.

More than Schooling : The present schools have reduced ‘students’ as a controlled crowd within their four walls. Schools are not able to differentiate between education and literacy, between knowledge and information. They are confined themselves only to marks, grades, competitions and careers. They do not have to do with life-skills development to face challenges of 21st century.GBI is more than schooling in every sense and parameters. At GBI, we integrate creatively all the diverse and different theories and approaches of learning, Pedagogy, Curriculum…etc to get an Integrated Education System(IES).